What a year!!!

Still processing it really! I got to conclude a dream project in The Brave and The Bold, and then I got to launch right into what ended up being DC's top selling title in December with a genuine industry legend, in the form of Grant Morrison, writing! And here I was thinking there's no possible way things could get any better! I also celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary watching Aquaman in LA with DC friends, and took my brother Rien and his wife April to Comic Con in San Diego after their amazing steampunk wedding in Las Vegas. And last, but not least, I celebrated my 50th birthday at home in Derby, and spent time with family and some of my dearest and oldest friends. Throw in a trip to a convention in Italy (founded by my dear friend Steven Morger) at lake Como with an unbelievable number of top artists, and this has to be my year to beat - though on the surface of it, how can that even be possible? 

Have an astonishing 2019 all. The world may be burning but it's up to us to be true to ourselves, stand for our beliefs, use our voices to bring whatever change is needed, to be kind when circumstances present an opportunity, and to keep reaching for our dreams. I'm proof they can come true, no matter your age and your doubts and your fears.

And lastly - thank you, again, for the ongoing goodwill and support! You know I take it very seriously. 

Big love!


In-house ad for The Brave and The Bold